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27 April

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This past month, I ran into Cheryl Carey, owner of  Taste and See Healthy Baby Food, at a blogging event.  Cheryl has a very down to earth personality and is very easy to talk to. It seems like we always end up at the same events around town! This month I interviewed Carey to find out more about her classes and baby food style!  Taste & See Healthy Baby Food was founded by Cheryl Carey and Mercedes Flagmeier.  Their business developed from their experience of raising their sons together. They were born less than two days apart! When the time came to introduce food to their babies, they had lots of questions and not all the answers. Together they did research about natural foods and preparation of them. They used their knowledge and experience to develop homemade baby food cooking lessons and classes for parents preparing to introduce their baby to solid foods.

What made you decide to look beyond the conventional store bought baby food products and make your own homemade foods?

I remember walking down the baby aisle at the grocery with Caleb in my arms and feeling an overwhelming commitment to provide the best foods to him. The baby food products did not appeal to me because of their color, the cost, and the two year expiration date. Not to mention the taste! I wanted Caleb to have the best foods available and began preparing homemade baby food with fresh ingredients and whole foods. There was a sense of confidence and reassurance felt when making Caleb’s foods because I selected the produce, prepared the food and I knew Caleb’s nutritional needs were being met with real food.

game foodWhat kind of services do you provide?

I offer baby food classes, in-home cooking lessons and baby food chef services. The business is based on sharing lessons learned by parents, including myself with parents. www.tasteseebabyfood.com/classes

There are 3 classes offered at this time:

Homemade Baby Food – Making the Best for Your Very Best! is a class that shares the benefits of preparing your own food.

Homemade Baby Food – Fresh & Simple! is a class that answers the most commonly asked questions by parents introducing foods to their baby in the first year.

Homemade Baby Food – Shop the Market is a class that shares with the parents the produce that is in season at the local market and how to use it in making fresh homemade baby food.

There are 3 in-home lessons based on child’s age and readiness for foods – New Taste & Textures (4 to 8 Months), Beyond Purees (8 to 12 Months) and Super Eaters (12 Months and older). The in-home lessons include a comprehensive guide with recipes and lots of useful information. In addition, I prepare a 4 -6 week supply of homemade baby food with parents. The lessons can be private, couples or groups. I offer a Healthy Start Package which includes all three lessons. www.tasteseebabyfood.com/lessons

Taste & See Healthy Baby Food offers a baby food chef service. If parents need support in preparing healthy and homemade food for their little one, I go to the home to prepare a 4 -6 week supply for them. http://tasteseebabyfood.com/personal-chef-baby-food/

What are the advantages for a family to use your services and when should parents start using them?Taste-See-logoTrans195

There are many benefits to the services I offer – most importantly is empowering parents to prepare healthy and homemade foods for their baby. The guidance and support offered by my services can be the foundation in which the parents build on for a healthy future. Parents feel confident about their knowledge and ability to prepare foods and enjoy the experience of introducing foods so much more to their baby. The best time to participate in services is when a baby is 5 months and older.

Is making your own baby food more or less expensive than store bought baby foods?

Parents spend about $500 on baby food during their baby’s first year. Using homemade baby food can cut a family’s budget by 50% or more. As babies increase from a single feeding up to as many as three meals and snacks it will get expensive if using store bought foods! In a lesson, the parents and I make 4 to 6 weeks worth of food and fill up their freezer for less than $25.

What was one of your son’s favorite homemade baby food?

Caleb enjoyed most of the foods I introduced to him when he was baby. I think his favorite was probably baby food made with fresh apples and pears. Of course, he loved sweet potatoes.

I know that you are involved in community giving, and most recently you are working on “Gifts for Moms Benefit”, can you fill us in on what this is about?1534396_637621032958205_6797885162277019987_n

Taste & See Healthy Baby Food is all about parents supporting parents as we raise our children. I’m excited to share about the Gifts for Moms Benefit that is happening on Saturday, May 3rd at Safari Champ from 11-2pm. The purpose of the family-friendly event is fundraising to give 75 mothers of special needs $25 gift cards for Mother’s Day. These mothers hold a special place in my heart because of the challenges they face, and more importantly their commitment to their child (ren). Taste & See Healthy Baby Food with the support of the community will be honoring these mothers. The Gifts for Moms Benefit is in support of Any Baby Can of Austin.

To learn more please visit www.tasteseebabyfood.com/gifts-moms-benefit. We invite families to join us at Safari Champ for a fun event. There will be a silent auction with items donated by Austin area businesses. If unable to attend, on-line donations can be made to www.anybabycan.org/donate.

Where can we find more information about your services/classes?

Taste & See Healthy Baby Food educates, inspires, and connects parents in the community.  A great way to follow my business is on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Taste-See-Healthy-Baby-Food/154667251253588. The website – www.tasteseebabyfood.com also has useful information and an updated calendar of my classes and events. Taste & See Healthy Baby Food has an active presence on Twitter.





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