Nanny Spotlight

candice CANDICE

Candice was recently placed with a High-Profile family in the Austin area.  She has a Masters in non-fiction, creative writing.  She has worked as a nanny with different families while she was in NY.  She enjoys organizing playtime activities from arts and crafts to writing stories and short performances for children. She uses her creativity and imagination in her nanny jobs!  Congratulations Candice!










Shannon is one of our babysitters. She is very crafty and enjoys doing arts and crafts!  She was a pediatric dental assistant for two years and has also worked in an in- home daycare.  She is currently going to Dental hygiene school. 







Congratulations Chelsea on your new nanny position! Chelsea has a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Acting and has been a nanny for triplets as well.  She enjoys doing arts and crafts, collages, and painting with the kids she takes care of.  Chelsea’s bubbly personality won the hearts of the two children she will be taking care of soon! 










We just recently placed Maria with a super family in Tarrytown.  She has been a nanny since 2007 and has worked in Montessori Schools. She is passionate about children and is patient, kind, and has a love for education.   She is bilingual and knows sign language as well.  Congratulations Maria and wishing you the best of luck with your new family!






We placed Linda this past February to a wonderful family in Round Rock! Linda is such and amazing person inside and out! She is caring, warm, kind, fun-loving, and has a passion for children and helping others. She is the CoFounder and Vice President of Derek’s Mission,, Derek’s Mission is a Texas non-profit organization. The goal of Derek’s Mission is to meet the needs of the children in our very communities as well as those abroad. They provide shoes, coats and smiles, and are involved in the building of infrastructures, (schools, homes, and orphanages) and offer crisis relief intervention in emergency situations as they are equipped with your support to do so. 
Jack and Jill Nanny Agency has some very special Nannies! Thanks Linda for all of your work on Derek’s Mission and for providing wonderful care to children as a Nanny! We appreciate you!