Jack & Jill Nanny FAQ’S

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Why choose Jack and Jill Nanny Agency?

Our personal service – Jack and Jill Nanny Agency is locally owned and a small agency that specializes in individual personalized attention. We appreciate the convenience of the internet but we are a people based business that prefers to operate on a more intimate basis. This enables us to offer a more personalized service to both our families and our nannies.  We strive to make suitable and educated matches and to be personally available for families and nannies at all times. All families and nannies will work directly with the owner, Elizabeth Juline. Finding a nanny that fits with you and your children is an extremely important task. If you are a family looking for a nanny to hire, your search will be much more time effective and you will meet better qualified nannies by working with Jack and Jill.

What kind of fees are incurred by the family?

There is a registration fee of $200 which is due in order to begin your search and will be due at the time of your in-home consultation. This fee is deducted from the total nanny placement fee which will be due at time of hire and covers the cost of your nanny search until the nannies first day on the job. Please register online or contact us via phone to receive more detailed information.

How do your services and fees compare with other agencies?

Most agency fees are based on 10% – 12% of the employee’s gross annual salary. Jack and Jill Nanny Agencies fees are very competitive and less expensive than our competitors. Jack and Jill charges you a one-time flat rate placement fee, not a percentage fee. You know exactly how much you are paying and it doesn’t depend on the nannies salary.

Is there a contract between the nanny and the family?

Yes. Once a job offer has been made, a work agreement will be supplied by Jack and Jill for the family to fill out and the nanny to sign before the onset of employment.

Who is responsible for paying the nanny?

The nanny is considered an employee of the family, therefore, the family is responsible for paying the nanny.

How do you recruit nannies?

Jack and Jill will do a personalized search specifically for each family. Many nannies find us through our webpage, word of mouth, online marketing, and college campus recruiting.

What if we decide the nanny is not right for our family?

Jack and Jill will take great care and precaution to be sure each and every family is hiring a properly matched nanny. In case that you have decided your nanny is not working out, Jack and Jill Nanny Agency will replace the nanny once, free of charge in the first 3 months.   Please keep in mind that most nanny turnover is due to miscommunication between adults. We recommend keeping your placed nanny for a minimum of 30 days, to see if any arising issues can be resolved.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We do not share, sell or rent lists of any kind that contains information collected from either an applicant or a client. All information is confidential and is the property of Jack and Jill Nanny Agency.

I want to start my search. How do I begin?

We look forward to helping you with your search for just the right nanny for your home. Simply fill out the family form online, call us at 512-619-4265, or email Elizabeth  to schedule a time to meet. We will set up a face-to-face interview (at your convenience) to meet and discuss your expectations for our services.