Babysitting normally covers the temporary care of a child or children, typically in an evening when the parents have a social engagement. We pride ourselves on the quality of babysitters that we provide. Using a childcare or babysitting agency ensures all the proper checks take place, for your peace of mind. Jack and Jill Nanny Agency sitters are personally interviewed, thoroughly screened, CPR certified and have a clear background check. Book a reservation either online or by phone.  As soon as a sitter is arranged, confirmation is made by phone or e-mail. A credit card is required to confirm a reservation, but the card is not billed until a babysitter is confirmed. Babysitters are paid with cash/check at the time of service. You agree to pay the babysitters the hourly rate as stated on the website for a minimum of 4 hours, the babysitters will be paid for all of the their time, even if you come home early.

Home Booking Fees

Home Bookings Babysitter Fee Agency Fee
4 hrs or less $12/hr – $15/hr  + . $15.00
4hrs – 9hrs Same as above $20.00
Overnights (9pm-8am) $125 $25.00
If less than 24 hours notice    +$15.00

Hotel Booking Fees

Hotel Bookings Babysitter Fee Agency Fee
4 hrs. or less $14/hr for one child + $1/hr more for each additional child. $20.00
4hrs – 9hrs Same as above $25.00
Overnights (9pm-8am) $135.00 $30.00
If less than 24 hours notice   + $18.00
  • Cancellation Fee – $30.00 within 24 Hours of confirmed time
  • Cancellation – You will not be reimbursed for the agency fee for booking if you cancel.
  • Last minute and hard to fill locations may require a transportation fee.
  • Rates will vary on major holidays.
  • Hotels – Family must pay for Sitters Parking Fee’s.  The sitter will always try to find the least expensive parking first.
  • Tipping for a job well done is always appreciated by caregivers.
  • Call for event bookings at 512-619-4265.
  • Booking fee is non-refundable once a babysitter has been allocated.
  • All bookings must be made directly through the agency, not through the babysitter.

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