Austin Nanny Services

2Full-Time Nannynanny with girl

Full-time nannies offer an ideal solution for homes in which both parents work full-time. A live out nanny, works not more than 50 hours, and often less. Your nanny would arrive in the morning and leave in the evening. A live-in nanny would live in your home and be responsible for everything related to the care of your children. Nanny pay rates in Austin are between $13-$18 an hour.

 Temporary/Summer Nanny

Nannies hired for under six months commitment, summer nannies, traveling nannies or whatever your needs may be for care with a short term commitment.

Shared Nanny

Shared nannies would work for two families who want to combine their care in one or both of their homes. The nanny cares for all the children at the same time. This arrangement works well for families with similar schedules and children close in age.