About Us

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Juline and I am the founder of Jack and Jill Nanny Agency. I am the mother of 3 wonderful children. I was born in Austin and have lived here my entire life. I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Criminal Justice , I have been a nanny, and have owned and operated my own daycare business for 15 years. It has been a blessing to me to have been able to help good families with their childcare needs. Having worked in this field for so many years, I have the knowledge and understanding of both sides of the coin, the caregiver as well as the family. With a background in criminal justice, I bring to the plate something different from other nanny agencies. Acquiring a criminal justice degree has given me critical thinking, analytical skills, investigative, and evaluation skills that has helped me in the nanny placement process.

I have taken those skills and expertise in this field to create a nanny referral business. I decided to start Jack and Jill Nanny Agency after meeting with families who were exhausted in their search looking for high quality childcare. I want to help take the stress out of that search by providing guidance to match my clients with a caregiver that will best accommodate their family.

Children are our most precious treasure and I know that each parent wants the absolute best childcare for their little ones. Finding an exceptional nanny takes long hours and a lot of hard work. I am personally involved with finding and placing you with a nanny that will fit your specific needs. I recognize that every family is different, their children have different needs and, most importantly, they all want the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that reliable, professional childcare is taking care of everything.

I look forward to meeting with each of my families and nannies personally. It is my promise that you are matched with a highly qualified and trustworthy nanny and that each nanny is in a safe environment with a good family.

Warm Regards,

Elizabeth Juline

Owner and Founder of Jack and Jill Nanny Agency